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Our web portal for Paducah was launched as a completely free community service using the platform known as "Local Town Websites", which is replicated across every town in America. Funding for the project had been expected to be provided by through a combination of Google adsense advertising and local business sponsorships, however thus far neither have brought in the expected level of finanical support.

Our expenses to provide these services for Paducah include server equipment purchases and maintainence, domain registration, annual renewal fees, Internet connectivity, and other general maintainence, programming and license fees. In addition, in order to facilitate management of site operations, one individual from each community is paid half of all incoming advertising revenue in return for their time spent moderating content submissions and locally marketing the portal within their town.

Unfortunately, at the present time, earnings from Adsense and business sponsorships are critically low, and we are in danger of having to terminate the project, unless we can acquire the needed funds to continue operations. As such, we are asking any of our visitors and members to please consider a donation to the project in any amount you might be able to afford. Individuals who wish to contribute to the project can do so through PayPal, using the button below.

Please note that our paypal email accont is
Payments made may appear as Local Town Websites or Websempro.

PayPal is able to accept funds from a checking account or credit card and is used by millions of online patrons as a secure means of sending and receiving money over the Internet. If you are able to make a donation, please make sure you have created your account and that you are logged in BEFORE donating so that we can assign your account with a special flag on your membership profile letting others know that you have supported the project.

For businesses in the area, we will make ads for your company available throughout our web pages with a relatively small monthly contribution. For more information about these low cost advertisting options, please click here.

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