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Nettleton MS News Resources

Nettleton MS News Resources

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Nettleton Area Newspapers:

Monroe 360
Chickasaw Journal
Northeast Mississippi Journal

*Newspapers listed service area(s) within a 25 mile radius of Nettleton.

Nettleton Area Television:


*Television station listed service area(s) within a 50 mile radius of Nettleton.

Nettleton Area News, Talk & Sports Radio Stations:

For a complete list of Nettleton stations and ability to tune in, click here.

WTWGAM1050 kHz
WKMQAM1060 kHz
WWZQAM1240 kHz
WAMYAM1580 kHz

*Radio stations listed should be in listening range of at least some places within Nettleton.

Search for Nettleton Mississippi news stories and headlines:

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You Can Be a Nettleton News Reporter!

It's easy to submit your own news articles to our website. All you need to do is connect to us using your existing Facebook, Google or Twitter account and Submit An Article. You can add photos and videos to your articles plus use our on screen editor. All user contributed news stories are then reviewed by your Nettleton, MS editors before they appear on the homepage of our Nettleton MS website and news article pages.

You can even insert your own Google Adsense code into your profile and have your ads display on your article pages and make money from your submissions.

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