Maple Mountain Industries Inc

Business Name:
Maple Mountain Industries Inc

Company Address:
150 6th Ave
Meyersdale, PA 15552-1453
(Somerset County)

Contact Person:
Gary Haer (Manager)

Contact Information:
Phone: (814) 634-0674
Fax: (814) 634-9397

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S.I.C. Classification:
571211 - Kitchen Cabinets & Equipment-Household

Reviews & Comments about "Maple Mountain Industries Inc"

RobKluver Profile Photo
Great place to rent movies and order some food. They have a pretty large dining room too, great place for a pizza party!

Steph1drake Profile Photo
I remember sitting on that back porch about 23 years ago!

DennisLJ Profile Photo
I would like to thank Tom Bartels for doing such professional clock repair work. He is the most qualified clock repair/restoration expert in Northern Nevada. There is no one more qualified. Tom really knows his stuff. In my experience with him, he`s not only held himself out as a true professional, but also a very personable character. He has a great sense of humor and I find no fault in his character. Tom has been out to my home to work on many of my tall case clocks. Most of my clocks are 100 plus years old, and are very rare and quite valuable. I wouldn`t trust anyone else with my collection. I`ve referred other clock owners and they have never come back with anything other than high praise and zero issues. They thank me for the referral. I`ve met most of the other "clock restoration" firm/owners in the Reno/Carson City/Minden/Gardnerville areas, and they really don`t come close to Tom`s abilities or his expertise. Tom, thank you for your professional clock restoration services. Feel free to use me as a reference any time. Regards, Dennis

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"Maple Mountain Industries Inc"
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