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Cal Poly University, CA Radio Stations

Cal Poly University, CA Radio Stations

Click on the listen icon to listen to live stations in the Cal Poly University listening area.
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AM Radio Stations:

AM Live:6 / Offline:5 Total: 11

FM Radio Stations:

FM Live: / Offline: Total
KIHC890kHz (Unknown Format)13.1 mi.
listenKVEC920kHz "News Talk 920"
0.8 mi.
listenKJDJ1030kHz "Radio Vida Abundante"
0.8 mi.
KPRL1230kHz "The Right Choice AM 1230"
24.6 mi.
listenKSMX1240kHz (News/Talk)25.8 mi.
listenKXTK1280kHz "The Big Ticket"
13.1 mi.
listenKYNS1340kHz "Progressive Talk"
4.5 mi.
listenKKJL1400kHz "K-Jewel"
2.4 mi.
KUHL1440kHz "The Information Station"
24.6 mi.
KSBQ1480kHz "La Mexicana"
(Regional Mexican)
25.9 mi.
KTAP1600kHz "Radio Ranchito"
24.9 mi.

*We can not guarantee that all of these 11 radio stations listed on this page are available throughout all of Cal Poly University. The information shown is based on predictions using data obtained from the FCC. For the FM band, we checked all projected footprints of each broadcast antenna against the centerpoint coordinates for Cal Poly University, CA, which are: 35.2979 latitude and -120.6598 longitude. Estimates for the 11 AM stations shown to be likely within range of Cal Poly University are based soley on their daytime power levels and distance to our area.

Cal Poly University, California area radio stations with audio feeds will show a set of headphones next to their listing above. Click on the image to listen to its live Internet radio broadcast. Your web browser may ask you to install or allow the appropriate audio plugin to run in order to hear the broadcast. Click it again to turn it off or select another station in the Cal Poly University listening area to play its live stream.

"Cal Poly University, CA Radio Stations"
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